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Wrike transforms how teams work together to deliver high performance, accelerate business growth, and improve customer experience. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Wrike helps more than 20,000 organizations and 2M+ users across 140 countries do the best work of their life.


What Is Wrike? Wrike is an enterprise-ready, cloud-based collaborative work management platform for managing cross-functional work at scale that is fully configurable and enables contextual collaboration in a secure environment. Enterprises use Wrike to offer a single digital workplace for all of their departments and teams.


The Wrike platform has the power needed to support the most complex workflows, all managed through an intuitive and easy-to-use and adopt interface. The Wrike platform can be customized to any user, team, department, or project so your teams can make requests, plan projects, assign tasks, collaborate with team members, track progress on work, and more.


Wrike tracks the analytics you need to make the data-driven decisions that generate higher ROI. Wrike integrates with your technology stack and connects effort to business results without having to pull data from multiple systems. Wrike also offers specialized solutions for marketing and professional services teams and service organizations like agencies and consulting firms.

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Wrike’s software helps teams increase productivity by 50% and cut down on email by 90%.

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See customer reviews below!


Jun 2019

We recently deployed Wrike for the communications and marketing team of my mid-sized organization. In addition to easing the project-management burden and preventing any tasks from getting lost or overlooked, it has had the added benefit of allowing us to create a baseline for project capacity - we've got the receipts! - and set priorities accordingly.

Heiko B

Apr 2019  

I use Wrike daily since more than 5 years.
Wrike is a very useful tool for managing projects and tasks which makes your work easier and more effective and it helps the department in our company to keep organized. The communication between other departments in our company is much better and helps to get things done more effectively. In dashboard you have a perfect overview to all assigned, to do and overdue tasks and in activity stream you get news about the work that is done in your team. Wrike is improving continually and over time they have developed many new features in order to achieve better efficiency...

Kelsey Gulick

Dec 2018

I work as a project manager at a digital marketing and public relations firm and we use Wrike to manage all of our clients' projects including blogs, emails, website management, etc.

Wrike has completely streamlined the way we do things including building out project timelines, internal communication on projects and ensuring every deadline is hit.

As a project manager, Wrike allows me to quickly and easily check the status on every project that I manage and check in with people when things look off-track. Wrike is a lifesaver!



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Private Limited Company

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San Jose, California
San Francisco Bay Area

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