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Virtual desk assessments.
Improve health & wellbeing.

Personalised recommendations for your team to have a healthier and happier work from home experience. 

Vitrue Health originally created technology for physios to more accurately assess patients in clinics. 

For the age of remote working we adapted this IP to do advanced desk and wellbeing assessments for laptop workers. 

VIDA assesses employees working positions, posture, pain, working behaviours and ergonomic products, and then joins the dots between these factors to create a personalized report. 

This report, grounded in our medical experience, recommends how that employee can have a healthier, happier, and more productive work-from-home experience. It also advises the employer's HR/Wellbeing leads of the prioritised actions that they could take to drive wellbeing at the company.


Regulations require all workers to be assessed. Vitrue does more than  just box checking


As an employer you are required to assess the risk caused to any employees from working at a desk - in the office or at home. VIDA is more than a box checking form though, it helps you become compliant and demonstrate care.


Desk caused muscle and joint issues like back pain are the number one cause of workplace absence with an average length of 9 days! With the proper guidance VIDA will help your team avoid these issues.


Good posture can give up to 45% productivity boost. Just having plants on your desk can give another 17%! VIDA will help your team meet their productivity potential by creating their perfect workspace.

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Head of Growth


What are the difference between Essential and Pro price plans?

Essential enables employees to do an assessment and get recommendations on their health and wellbeing. With this assessment employers are made compliant under UK/EU law regarding health and safety desk assessments.
- Pro empowers HR/Wellbeing teams at employers (the buyers of VIDA) the ability to drive health and wellness within their teams. Analytics and insights from them highlight where health risks and needs are to help them prioritise the actions that will drive the greatest benefits in their company. As users do subsequent assessments HR should see pain levels and health risks decreasing with workplace setups and average scores increasing.

What data leaves my laptop? Does my laptop webcam data go anywhere?

The only data that leaves the laptop are the answers to questions in the assessment. Webcam images and video are processed within the browser. This data never leaves a user's laptop

How does VIDA take my webcam data and analyse this for health/Musculoskeletal (MSK) risks or issues?

VIDA incorporates data made up of thousands of scans of people via a Google created machine learning programme called Posenet. This has analysed people doing multiple movements to enable technology such as VIDA to map the human body accurately.
- With this data, VIDA's proprietary algorithms can assess angles and movements that indicate   issues and risks with the user's health or ergonomics. These algorithms are based on medically and clinically validated solutions originally developed for our clinical product EVVA. Our clinical lead (a qualified physiotherapist with 10+ years experience) along with a team including those with PhDs in biomedical engineering designed the logic that powers them.


See customer reviews below!

Alex - Head of People at Elvie

London    Nov 2020

"At Elvie, we care about our employees well-being . While we have all been on prolonged remote working for the last few months, thinking about our remote setups and ergonomics became a priority, so instead of going with standard health & safety desk assessment check-list, we decided to go a step ahead and work with Vitrue Health and use their amazing technology help improve our lives. It only takes few minutes, is easy and fun to use, and more importantly provide great individual recommendations and tips for work setup"



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