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After falling in love with a terrarium hanging in her aunt’s Canadian home, our founder, Lucy, started researching different products and identified a gap in the market back in the UK. On the very same day, the brand name was decided and the business was established!

Since then, Lucy has immersed herself in the world of terrariums and succulents and her entrepreneurial spirit has helped The Urban Botanist blossom into the brand it is today.

Our passion for plants and using them to bring any space to life is at the heart of everything we do, from personally picking the most gorgeous succulents and cacti in Amsterdam to hand-crafting our stunning products back in Manchester.

Having plants in the home and workplace provides many benefits, and we want to continue promoting these to our customers. We have strong ambitions to continue to grow our brand and provide stunning terrariums, eco-systems and wall art to plant-lovers around the world.

We love to see The Urban Botanist products in your homes, so please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and share your photos using #MyBotanist.


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Terrariums make a stunning, eco-friendly and unique centrepiece for the home or office space



Simple, sophisticated and effortlessly elegant; our Ecosphere Terrariums and bottle gardens combine an attractive light fitting with natural beauty, such as perennial grasses, or a seasonal succulent on preserved reindeer moss



The Urban Botanist’s specially selected varieties of air plants and succulents are sure to transform any indoor space


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Creative Director

Lucy, our founder, heads up the team as managing director and is supported by her close friend Lindsey, as creative director. We pride ourselves on providing a flexible working environment and the majority of our team members are female, many of whom fit working at The Urban Botanist around their home and family lives.


See customer reviews below!

Jul 2020

Delighted not only with the product which was absolutely beautiful but also the lovely interactions with Lucy who provided a first class service and was able to answer all of my queries prior to purchase/delivery. Great product and great service and would definitely recommend.

Sep 2020

Received a product for my Dad for Fathers Day, makes a perfect gift and would definitely recommend. Brilliant quality, worth paying a little extra for such a unique present!

Jun 2020

Received the Supersize Aztec cube terrarium as a gift and love it! Everything about it is amazing and great quality. Highly recommend and will be buying them as gifts for friends and family in future.

Aug 2020

Wonderful products, and fabulous customer service. Would highly recommend.

Jul 2020

Very happy with my purchase. Ideal present, a gift that keeps on giving

Jun 2020

My terrariums are one of my favourite things I have ever purchased. I've had 2 large ecospheres for over a year and despite having to trim them, they are thriving. They are perfect as I am normally rubbish with plants and watching them grow without needing any input from me is great. I initially got them as we were selling our house and wanted a centrepiece and so many people loved them and wanted to keep them- I refused and they've moved across the UK with me. I don't have to worry about my dog with them, and they are as vibrant as they were on the day I got them. The company is always great to deal with and so responsive- I've even gifted them to friends of mine who have been jealous of mine. You can't get a tour of my new house without me pointing them out and I've never found anything comparable. Would fully recommend and plan to get more for every other rooms in house


How Often Does My Succulent Need Watering?

Succulents are hardy plants and usually need little care. Each plant will like to drink approximately 15ml of water every couple of weeks. Never water the soil if it is still damp from the previous one.

Do Succulents Like Sunlight?

Succulents love being indoors surrounded by bright light but not direct sunlight.

How Do I Care For My Coffee Plant?

The coffee plant, or arabica plant, is considered to be among the easiest and hardiest of house plants. The soil must be kept moist but not soggy. The leaves will become droopy when the plant needs water. Use a 1/3 cup of water and pour near the base of the plant. The coffee plant prefers early morning sun or indirect sunlight.

How Do I Care For My Air Plant?

Air plants like bright light and minimal care is required as they are very tolerant to many conditions. Air plants need to be watered approximately once a week as they don't have a root system. You can remove them from your terrarium and place them in a pot of water for a couple of minutes. Please ensure that all excess water is shaken out after watering as you do not want the bas of your air plant to rot.

How Do I Look After My Moss Art?

Moss Art brings the outdoor in and requires zero maintenance. There is no need to water the moss and our products should be kept out of the direct sunlight where possible. Please note our moss products are suitable for interior use only.

How To Look After Living Wall Succulents

Every 2-3 weeks please remove the living wall from the wall and place it on a flat surface. Pour a small amount of water into the top of the soil ensuring the water does not touch the plant. Lets the water soak for 15 minutes and then rehang.

Will The Plants Get Too Big For My Terrarium/Planter?

All the plants we use are very slow growing and as such it is highly unlikely they will grow too big for the terrarium or planter.

There is Mould on My Plants. What do I do?

This is a sign that the plants are being over-watered. Carefully clean the mould off the plants and soil. Is the terrarium getting enough natural light if so move it to a brighter area. Refrain from watering the plants until the soil dries.

What do I do if the Leaves on My Plant Are Brown?

This is a sign that your plants are being under-watered. Carefully remove the leaves from the plant ensuring that all compromised or dead plant matter is removed.

The Flowers On My Orchid Are Spent. Is The Plant Dead?

Orchids shedding their flowers is a very natural cycle and does not mean that your plant has died. Orchids bloom and then shed their flowers after about a month or so. Once the flowers have died, remove the dried bloom from the terrarium. Next, prune the stem down to leaves of the plant and resume normal care routine. Make sure that the terrarium is in bright, indirect light for optimum re-bloom conditions.