What WFH Hybrid Model to Adopt?

Except for those that are now WFH on a permanent basis, most people have had the chance to experience working back in the office once again on a hybrid or fulltime basis. Many corporates have made statements over the last few months about the big ‘office return’ and what model they anticipate adopting and implementing for their employees. The reality however is that this huge adjustment to working practices is going to take time to get right. It will need assessing …. adjusting …. implementing, assessing …. adjusting …. implementing …. repeat. The future working model is unclear for all.

For too many of those that have returned to the office so far, it has been a disappointing and frustrating experience according to a survey of 2,000 UK Office workers commissioned by the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM). Nearly 50% of employees surveyed, experienced a lack of breakout spaces, 48% believed they were more productive WFH and the same proportion felt more needed to be done to support hybrid working.

Whilst job roles have a bearing on any structure, there are no WFH hybrid ‘standard’ practices to adopt. Irrespective of whether in the finance, tech, legal, civil, tourism or retail sector, organisations are initially adapting models based on what they anticipate will deliver the best solution for them and their employees.

As we move into new modes of working, it is understandable that organisations are putting significant emphasis on adapting physical space, the working culture and supporting technologies. However, it is critical that the same level of focus, finance and support is afforded the employee’s hybrid working practice, be this the WFH element, the commute or the link into the ‘new’ office environment.

As urged by the IWFM, there is much to be done to satisfy the new working practices of organisations most valuable assets.

Fact: 80% of Charles Tyrwhitt (British menswear label) staff wanted a hybrid working practice. They are currently operating a 2 at home and 3 in the office model.

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