WFH Productivity Better Than Expected

As we enter a period of a phased return to work, either fulltime working from home (WFH), fulltime in the office or on a hybrid basis, the debate has understandably stepped up as to what the future holds in relation to the working environment. Is a shift to WFH full time or part-time sustainable or will the balance ultimately tip back towards full time in the office?

As highlighted by the World Economic Forum, if the results of research undertaken by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) in the US is mirrored in the UK (which is often the case), there would be significant resistance to a reversal.

It is evidenced within the NBER’s ‘Why WFH Will Stick’ report that dependant on an employee’s work sector, only 13.9% found the productivity experience of WFH worse than expected, while significantly, 40.6% found the productivity experience better than expected and 26.7% ‘as expected’. As The WFH Zone has reported over recent months, this type of employee benefit, clearly has significant benefits for the employer too.

More details of the survey results on productivity levels can be found here, along with other fascinating WFH related information like:

  • New investments in physical and human capital that enable WFH

  • Greatly diminished stigma associated with WFH

  • Lingering concerns about crowds and contagion risks

  • Pandemic-driven surge in technological innovations that support WFH

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Source: World Economic Forum

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