Having the Vision To WFO

With the recent spell of sunshine and warmth, for many employees the WFH fulltime or hybrid concept presents an opportunity to realise some of the significant benefits it affords. A chance to utilise new found flexibility and reduced weekly commuting time by spending more time outside pre or post work, at midmorning, lunch or afternoon breaks.

Whilst not possible for all, for some the WFH arrangements can be taken one step further by taking the office outside, thereby enhancing these benefits still further. Working From Outside (WFO) is not something we are used to in the UK but it is certainly a concept we are hearing more and more of over the last couple of weeks, as people look to take advantage of the summer months ahead.

Assuming distractions and decent ergonomics can be managed, then taking in more natural daylight, fresh air and natural sounds and smells help boost immune systems, productivity levels and general health and wellbeing. However, if you have ever tried WFO before, one of the most challenging aspects is being able to position yourself in a location that enables laptop and phone screens to be clearly read.

10 Key tips to achieve the perfect WFO monitor experience:


- Direct sunlight on the screen or the users face (both cause squinting)

- Dappled light through trees or plants (this will flicker across the screen)

- Light coloured walls behind the user (this will cause reflecting on the screen)

- Wearing a light or bright coloured shirt/top (this will reflect onto the screen)


- Set up under a solid shade such as a parasol or canopy

- Consider using an anti-glare screen (similar to a screen protector)

- Raise the screen height as much as possible to reduce the degree of screen tilt

- Increase the brightness of the screen display

- Consider increasing the screen resolution size

- Consider using a laptop sunshade screen

Each of these in isolation is likely to have little impact but when combined, they will certainly help to make the next couple of months when Working From Outside, an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

Just watch out for the rain!

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