Attract the Best Recruits for Hybrid WFH

For many businesses, the impact the last 18 months has had on their employees will have been significant. Redundancies, full or flexible furlough, working from home and general job uncertainty has led to many people, often out of necessity, retraining or falling into new jobs that they would have never considered likely before. Much publicised examples, include pilots becoming truck and delivery drivers and Covid-19 testing site managers.

Whilst many of these displaced or in limbo employees will ultimately revert to the status-quo as businesses begin their journey to reassert or reinvent themselves in their core markets, the reality is that the success of WFH has demonstrated the flexibility of how and where employees can work. As such, many employees are seeking opportunities for employment with businesses that offer the flexibility, creativity and trust afforded by WFH or hybrid working.

This represents not only a significant opportunity for employees but equally for employers, offering the chance to recruit the very best and most diverse talent from within a much bigger pool. It is therefore vitally important that businesses of all sizes, develop their flexible working procedures and culture, so as to be seen as an attractive, dynamic and forward thinking organisation. Once done, attention should turn to establishing the most efficient ways of marketing these WFH and hybrid job opportunities to this talent pool.

There are some excellent considerations offered within the Elite Business Magazine article ‘Growing your team in a hybrid world’ by Anil Stockers (co-founded MarketFinance).

FACT: A Striking Fact!

89% of companies now say they plan to recruit using social media. Businesses now need to ensure their social networks are relevant and appealing. Traditional recruiting strategies are no longer enough because they rely on finding prospective employees in a way that is time-consuming and expensive. More.

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