A Holistic Approach to WFH

With the news that a light is starting to appear at the end of the pandemic tunnel, organisations will be looking ahead to 2021, with designs on slowly getting employees back to work in the office.

It is clear from the last 9 months however that the traditional working environment has likely changed forever. Some employees will of course return to the office on a permanent pre-pandemic basis but others will either continue to WFH permanently or on a flexible basis. The mix of working patterns will vary considerably by sector, organisation size and structure.

Across various sectors such as Financial, Legal, Service and Public, a significant number of employees were and are still able to continue their work remotely, which is clearly excellent news for the employer and indeed the employee – but only if implemented well. The initial reaction to WFH for many was understandably a kneejerk one, the “send them home with a laptop” approach or similar but this process has had many pitfalls. Therefore, if the WFH option is going to be part of the employer’s structure moving forward, a more holistic approach is required to turn some of the potentially damaging pitfalls into positives for the employer and the employee.

The WFH Zone, shall be posting a number of short articles over the coming weeks that will highlight some of these pitfalls and what services and products may be helpful to consider as solutions. So whatever sector your organisation is in and irrespective of its size, keep an eye out for these articles.

In January 2020, 5.7% of people worked at home but this increased to 43.1% by June! Even after the lockdown was lifted, this only fell back to 36.5%!.

What percentage do you think it will be in January 2021?