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Working from home has become the new normal. For all nature lovers, being at a desk all day can be tough and leave us longing for the outdoors - which is the perfect excuse to introduce office plants into our lives.

We think it’s so important to set boundaries between work and home. Plants are perfect natural barriers to help keep work separate from the rest of your life. Separating work from play has become all the more challenging because they both happen in the same space. Plants can give you a designated work space no matter how big or small.

If indoor plants can help our homes feel more inviting, why can’t they do the same for our workspaces? Adding a bit of tropical greenery will boost your mood and increase your productivity, while our plants can also help purify the air as you work, increasing the humidity levels by up to 5% and helping your immune system. These guys will be working as hard as you do (well, almost!)

Our office plants have been handpicked to add subtle style without being a distraction; they’ll liven up your office without pulling your focus. They’re also low maintenance, so you don’t have to constantly think about upkeep.

We offer plants that are small so they can make fun desk accessories, or fill that empty space on your bookshelf. Larger office plants are available to provide a natural barrier if you need to sink into your work and keep the rest of the world at bay.


House plants can bring more than just style to your workspace - they have so many other benefits. The Japanese believe bringing nature into the workspace can increase productivity, creativity and reduce stress. We definitely agree.

WE'RE PLANTING 1,000,000 TREES BY 2025

"This is the heart of the business, the centre of everything, the passion and the thing that keeps us beating"



Working from home has become the new normal. For all nature lovers, being at a desk all day can be tough and leave us longing for the outdoors - which is the perfect excuse to introduce office plants into our lives.



Air purifying plants are akin to your own personal, portable oxygen generating machine – with the added value of looking cute as a button and chic as a chandelier. Our selection of air purifying plants have been hand selected for their ability to clean the air around you...



Why are pets and babies so inclined to chewing plants? We might not have the answer – but we sure do have the solution! Pointless Plants’ range of non-toxic plants will help keep your mind at peace – and your home greener!


See customer reviews below! (Trustpilot)

Dec 2020

Well packed, healthy and a speedy delivery super happy with my plant

Dec 2020

I placed a few orders now, some as gifts sent to Scottish Highlands as well as around London area & off course a little self gifting. quality of plants brilliant, delivery really quick and secure. Will def use again.

Dec 2020

These guys are fantastic, beautiful plants arrived in such good condition, one of the pots arrived broken, which was a transport issue as it was so well packaged, they replaced the pot immediately with other options if I did not want the replacement. Currently deciding on my next plant to add to my growing collection from these guys. 😊​

Dec 2020

Perfect plants as always and a little free ZZ plant even though I ordered the wrong day for the offer. Great service 😊​

Dec 2020

Amazing service from Nathan, so so pleased with both purchases, sorted out my issue immediately and went above and beyond to make up for a cactus that didn’t arrive in the best of shape!! Will definitely purchase more plants from them in the future!! 🙌🙌

Dec 2020

I was hesitant to buy plants online. I am so happy that the plants I bought were well packaged and were handled with care. They arrived in excellent condition. The plants I got were the same as pictured on the website. Service was great as I was informed of the date and time when it will be delivered. Really happy that I bought from Pointless Plants! Highly recommended!


What makes you different from other plant companies?

We don’t see ourselves as a business. Our mission is to make the world a happier, better and greener place. We think delivering houseplants is a good start.

Do you really plant 10 trees for every order?

Yes, we have an API installed on our website which automatically plants trees with Ecologi when an order is made. Our slogan is ‘Create a Jungle’ and we are on a mission to make the world a greener place. We are always looking to do more and when we get the chance to travel, we’re hoping to see our impact first hand. Sometimes we save our trees for a big project where we can help first hand. This isn't just about short term carbon offsetting. This is about long term biodiversity, rebuilding and conserving our planet!

Do you have any information on caring for my plant?

Yes we do! On each individual plant page we have a summary of how to look after each specific plant. We will tell you about watering, light and humidity. This will help to get you started.

We also have specific plant care documents on our website. CLICK HERE

Do you have any plants that will purify my home?

Absolutely, many houseplants not only look great but are also busy at work making the air in your home as clean as possible. Check out our ‘Air Purifying Machines’.

Can I put my plant in a room with no windows?

While some plants thrive in lower light conditions, all plants need some light to survive. Check out our top 5 best shade loving plants. (Snake plantZZ PlantPalm,Cast Iron PlantPeace Lily)

Do you have any plants for my office?

Yes, we’d love to brighten up your work space. Check out our office plants HERE.

I’m a complete plant beginner. Which plants are right for me?

We were all beginners once. We have so many low maintenance plants to choose from which are perfect for beginners. Check out our ‘Pretty hard to kill plants’ 

I think my plant is dying! Help!

We’re here to help. Send us an email ​hello@pointlessplants.com​ or WhatsApp us on ​07308953372 ​and we can help assist you further.

The most common reason for dying plants is overwatering. If your plant is turning yellow, this is due to overwatering. Always feel the soil of your houseplant before you water to make sure it is dry.

Are your plants pet safe?

This does vary depending on the plant. We have an entire section on pet safe plants. We want to make sure the furry members of your family are safe. Find our range of pet safe houseplants HERE.



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