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LIFTD. deliver gym spaces that are fashionable and functional in equal measure. Whether it be a bespoke luxury interior or a high performance athlete focused gym, LIFTD. has got it covered. We provide services for private residential, Universities and fitness/yoga studio’s. LIFTD. are raising the standard of gym installations one space at a time.....


LIFTD. is an independent design studio meaning we can select the best dumbbells from one supplier and the best treadmill from another. We are not tied to a single brand. This means we can truly commit to delivering the best training facilities possible for our clients.
We pride ourselves on creating gyms that not only look a class apart but also function well. Its our mission to deliver a space that provides the user with the best workout experience both visually and physically.

Specialist Suppliers

LIFTD. have developed relationships with manufacturers of some of the finest gym equipment on the market. We work with companies such as Technogym which are renowned for providing the finest cardio equipment available globally and Watson who are widely regarded as the producer of the worlds finest dumbbells. We also have suppliers that produce handmade luxury equipment for the super high end projects and suppliers that specialise in functional, athlete focused training equipment. All of this means LIFTD. are able to turn our hand to excellent design across a variety of styles of gym to suit all our clients needs.

We Are Truly Bespoke

LIFTD. is able to offer complete custom equipment design options. Luxury leather upholstery on our benches, custom logo design on the dumbbells, bespoke storage solutions, custom flooring designs, the list goes on... This means that each of our projects is unique and really delivers that premium space the client is looking for.

We Manufacture In The UK

LIFTD. have focused on developing our relationships with U.K based suppliers. Not only is it a priority for us to support British companies but the quality of the products and the customer support we've experienced is second to none.


Luxury Hand Crafted Gym Equipment.jpg

One of LIFTD’s first phases is providing high definition renderings of your gym based on the context of the space, development, location, design aesthetic and fitness needs.

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Based on its global network of equipment and installation partners, LIFTD provides that enviable combination of cost-effectiveness, personalisation and exclusivity.

Custom Gym Equipment.JPG

Sometimes even the most exclusive products may not be exclusive enough. LIFTD specialises in creating custom equipment for discerning and style-focused users.



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7 February 2020

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POTTER, James William