Assess if your organisation is implementing Working From Home - the right way



Do you know what your 3 largest cost savings are by embracing a WFH policy
Do you consider what investment is needed to maintain or improve these savings
Have you calculated what impact these measures could have on your annual profits


DSE is 1 of at least 4 regulatory requirements for employees WFH, do you have them all covered
Have you reviewed and adjusted your various insurance policies in light of WFH
Are you and your employees aware of the respective GDPR obligations


A Forbes survey revealed that on average, productivity levels have increased by 47% due to WFH. Have you put systems in place to monitor & manage employee’s productivity levels?
Have you developed a / update your, remote working Reporting and Performance Policy?
Do your employees have the best technical & non-technical tools available for their job?


Recognition & Reward is just one element that helps improve wellbeing. Do you have you systems in place to manage this and others
Do you encourage your employees to consider their physical & mental health
Do you assist employees to find products and services that help with their wellbeing

By completing some or all of the following, a WFH Zone expert will be in touch to help you WFH the right way