Whatever size organisation and whether considering home working as an option for one employee or multiple, if correctly implemented, the financial, wellbeing and environmental benefits can be significant for both


  • Reduce or eliminate office space, thereby reducing rent, service costs and business rates

  • Reduce overhead costs on cleaning, consumables, waste management, vending machines, office stationery, IT equipment, photocopier leases

  • Reduce operational costs on lighting, heating, air-conditioning, water consumption and associated maintenance and repairs

  • Reduced travel costs and allowances for employees

  • Value generated through increased productivity levels and lower sickness rates

  • Savings from deferred refurbishment program for flooring replacement, redecoration

  • Full VAT reclaim possible on office units and associated products and services (subject to
    what VAT scheme used)


  • Capital allowance possible on fixtures and fittings within Garden Office and Indoor Office units [installing power, light fittings, heating, insulation, furniture, shelving, curtains etc)

  • Reduced expenditure on employee work clothes or uniforms



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  • Access to a wider pool of applicants to select employees from

  • Improved employee retention, thereby reduced recruitment and training costs

  • Be recognised as a business that people want to work for

  • Expand business without the need for additional real estate

  • Increased employee motivation

  • Reduced absenteeism and sickness levels

  • Increased productivity


  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions due to reduced employee commuting by road and rail

  • Reduced office energy consumption

  • Reduced office water consumption

  • Lower waste creation as home working typically translates to a conscious effort to reduce consumable usage

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Creating the most work conducive environment within the WFH zone requires careful consideration of practical, wellbeing and aesthetic products. The correct furniture, lighting, décor and other elements are directly relatable to employee satisfaction and productivity levels

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Understanding the WFH implications on Tax, Human Resource, Health & Safety and Insurance can help to provide reassurance and potentially significant benefits to both the employer and employee. Equally the same can be said for being aware of and implementing the most suitable IT and Communication solutions