Assess if you are getting the most out of Working From Home - the right way



The average saving per month WFH is £500. Are you saving as much as possible when WFH?
Are you aware of changes to your wage and allowances due to WFH?
Would you be prepared to spend some of the savings made, to improve your WFH set up?


Has your employer arranged for a WFH workstation & risk assessment to be undertaken
Have you investigated & explored the tax implications associated with WFH
Has your employer refused to allow you to WFH on a fulltime or a flexible basis


Do you feel you are more productive when WFH?
Could your employer do more to help increase your productivity levels?
Do you have the best WFH setup in place to maximise productivity?


Has your employer encouraged you to consider your physical & mental health when WFH
Do you feel connected to your employer and your peers
Do you have a calm, comfortable yet productive home working environment to work in

By completing some or all of the following, a WFH Zone expert will be in touch to help you WFH the right way