Businesses need reliable phone systems, especially now WFH is part of the future working world. These phone systems require features that enable organisations to function efficiently & effectively when working remotely & to be with supplied by a well known trusted supplier, which of course BT is. By contacting The WFH Zone, we can source the best BT Cloud Voice package for your business.

BT Cloud Voice 

The ability to transfer, forward and redirect calls; voicemail; conference calling; and auto-attendant are just a few examples of features you would expect to have on a cloud based phone system. BT’s Cloud Voice is hosted in the cloud and comes with all the above call management features & more. 

What can Cloud Voice do for your business?

  • Customised features
    Get customised features for each user, and only pay for the ones you need. See how new users can get up and running quickly through the online management portal.


  • Keep costs down
    BT Cloud Voice gives you free intra-business calls over the internet. And as it’s in the cloud, there’s no equipment to maintain - apart from your phones, of course.


  • Work anywhere, look local
    Always on the move but want to create a local impression whenever anyone calls? With Cloud Voice, customers can dial a local number and get through to you wherever you are, on whatever device you’re using.

Many organisations have already made the switch to using Voice over IP (VoIP/Cloud) solutions & with the UK’s PSTN network being switched off in 2025, this is most definitely is the future of communications. 

BT’s Cloud Voice comes with a wide selection of call management features & it's built-in flexibility allows you to select different packs for each user, depending on their needs. Various service options are available as seen below. 

BT Cloud Voice Express 

Whatever your business, get things moving with the combined power of fibre, unlimited mobile and a digital phone line you can answer from anywhere. It’s the most secure, most reliable and fastest business broadband range ever. And it’s also better value that ever. 

Choose a Fibre and Digital Phone Line bundle, and you can add an unlimited 5G SIM to save an amazing £564! 

The digital phone line that goes where you go. 

Cloud Voice Express – BT’s latest digital phone line – lets you make and take calls on your business number from your smartphone. Download the mobile app and you can stay in touch and in control wherever you go. Simple to buy, simple to set up and simple to use, Cloud Voice Express digital phone lines are simply brilliant for your business – now and in future. Discover the difference today. 


Contact The WFH Zone to source the best BT Cloud Voice package for your business.

As a cloud-based hosted phone system, your team can use all the office features from wherever they can get on the internet. There are three User Feature packs to choose from, available on 12- to 60-month contracts. You can choose different packs for each BT Cloud Voice user, depending on which call management features they need. Here are the key features available with each pack:


Connect package includes everything from Basic plus: Call director • Voicemail to email • Plus Call Recording options


Collaborate package includes everything from Connect plus: Unified Communications Business • UC Team • Plus Call Recording options



Do I need a fibre connection?

Not necessarily. The speed you need depends on how many people will be using the system. You may only need a broadband connection. We’ll check everything when you call us before you place an order.

What’s the ideal connection for BT Cloud Voice?

While BT Cloud Voice can be supported on any connection with sufficient bandwidth, we recommend our leased line or business fibre broadband. Here’s why:

When you get your leased line or fibre broadband and Cloud Voice service from us, we’ll do the legwork to make sure everything works perfectly together. And you’ll only have one supplier to work with.
We’ll make sure your calls get top priority over your internet traffic on our connections, so you’ll always get great quality calls.
Our internet connections come with built-in security and 24/7 monitoring to make sure you stay safe – and stay connected – at all times.
Our network has ultra-low latency which is vital for making the most of voice applications like Cloud Voice. Better still, it’s guaranteed by our service level agreement.

Do I need BT Business Broadband to use BT Cloud Voice?

No, as long as you have sufficient bandwidth you can use BT Cloud Voice. We can discuss your current set-up when you talk to us about VoIP. If you’re looking for a new broadband connection, we can find the right package for your business from our comprehensive range: standard broadband, fibre broadband, or BTnet leased line.

How do I access the BT Cloud Voice portal?

The BT Cloud Voice portal is what you use to manage your communications features and settings from anywhere - and any device - that's on the internet.

Am I going to compromise on quality?

No, the call quality is the same as with a standard phone. Your callers won’t know the difference.



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