In January 2020 a business idea from nearly 2 decades ago was revisited during a discussion between myself and sons, both of whom are directors in their own successful businesses.

Little did we know that within a couple of months, its core concept was to become essential to thousands of companies and millions of employees.....the ability of working from home.


The original idea back in 2001 was based on the simple principle that if a large percentage of companies could get staff working from home or a local hub office for just one day per week, this would reduce traffic movements by 20%, significantly reduce Co2 emissions and provide a healthier and better work life balance for the employees.


Fast forward to 2020 and the only aspects to have changed are that the significance of the concept has been magnified, technology advancements have made it more feasible and oh..... working from home now has an acronym ....... WFH!


Having decided that now was the time to reinvigorate the original idea that had been filed away in the red ‘Business Concepts & Ideas’ folder for the last 20 years, we re-evaluated the market. Our research revealed that many organisations from sole traders up to multinationals, recognised that the “just give them a laptop!” option is ......... no longer ......... an option.

Also, many were unaware of:

  • the various WFH solutions available and the extensive choice of products and suppliers

  • the IT, financial, HR and tax implications of setting someone up to WFH

  • the financial, wellbeing, business and environmental benefits for them and their employees

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With an estimated 1.6 million people now working from home full time or on a flexible basis and with this number likely to increase due to the pandemic, it is clear WFH is here to stay.

As reflected within our logo, the everchanging workplace environment is a mixture of conventional office space where flexible-working takes place in conjunction with indoor and garden office options for those working from home.

Through The WFH Zone’s bespoke filter and search facility, we help organisations of all sizes find work from home solutions from quality suppliers that meet their budget, timescale and ethos needs. Solutions that create an employee environment that is conducive to productive working and improved wellbeing.


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(Co-Founder & Director)

Marc’s working life has encompassed roles in engineering, technical publications, venue management, event management and cost and supplier management, across local, national and international locations.


These roles have been as an employee, as a self-employed and as a director but more importantly, his roles have included working in an home office, a garden office and a conventional office.


Outside of work, Marc has a liking of quality gins, real ales and red wine. He enjoys DIY, gardening, walking, sunshine holidays and has a season ticket for a particular football team (although he won’t say who, in fear of it alienating some readers!)

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(Co-Founder & Operations Director)

After graduating from Brunel University with a degree in Industrial Design, Harry went on to work for several creative agencies in roles that included events design, product and CAD design and project management. He is now a director of a successful exhibition stand design and build company regularly working across the US and Europe.


Away from work Harry loves to travel, enjoys pretty much all music genres and plays many sports.

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(Co-Founder & Sales Director)

Since setting his own car washing business up aged just 9, Lewis has been consistent in his

drive to be his own boss whilst aiming for the perfect work - life balance. Since the age of 19

he has been operating his own energy management company where his sales and people skills have been deployed to their fullest whilst setting up and operating what he refers to as his ‘dream’ sales floor.


In his personal life, Lewis enjoys partaking in various sports on a weekly basis, including football, golf badminton and running.

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Using collective experiences, skillsets and determination, it is the team’s aspiration to turn The WFH Zone into the ‘go-to’ platform for organisations and individuals looking for WFH solutions and suppliers. Implemented correctly, employees and employers can tap into a significant range of benefits available to them. Start the search for the most appropriate WFH suppliers and solutions for your situation here.